We are silicon-valley consultants, entrepreneurs, and investors who put skin in the game; and help launch, grow, and optimize your business.

We work with entreprenuers and investors to incubate their early stage startup from idea to profits. We work with executives to improve Productivity, Innovation, and Efficiency of their emerging or established business.

Our services include

  • Management Consulting
    As your ‘Trusted Advisor’, we help define innovative Business, Digital, G2M, Sourcing and IT strategies that optimize your business.
  • Technology Integration
    As your ‘Solutions General Contractor’ we architect, source and manage your system design, development & integration projects.
  • Business Incubation
    As your ‘Partner’ (+ in some cases, ‘Co-founder’ or ‘Seed Investor’) we put skin in the game and nurture your startup idea to profit.
  • Operations Improvement
    As your ‘Change Agent’, we assess your opportunities and readiness, and help implement programs that improve your business.

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