OASIS, our proven approach, is simple yet powerful.

It is flexible and fits all our diverse clients.

It incorporates our 20+ years of change management insights, and delivers stellar results strategy through execution.



OASIS encompasses the following steps:

  1. Assess Opportunity: Clients may chose a rapid or comprehensive opportunity assessment, with an internal, external or a 360-degree focus. We may focus broadly on the whole enterprise, or narrowly on a defined business unit, function, product, or process. We use our fundamental grasp of client’s business & technology, innate financial acumen, and our business capabilities framework ‘VITAL’ to assess the client opportunity.
  2. Create Awareness: In this uniquely differentiating step, we assess client’s organizational readiness and educate executives. We make key stakeholders aware, upfront, of the nuances in opportunity, business case and solution. We earn their trust, secure their commitment and build a consensus call to action. We ensure change management success and a smooth implementation.
  3. Design Solution: In this step, we translate the strategic insights (gained from the “Opportunity assessment” step) into a solution architecture and design, complete with data-driven, actionable recommendations. Then, cognizant of the client’s organizational readiness (gauged from the “Awareness” step), we propose a pragmatic, detailed implementation plan. To ensure a holistic, optimal solution that delivers superior results over both short & long term, we use our business optimization framework.
  4. Implement: Unlike many “strategy-only” consulting firms, we partner with our clients from Strategy through Execution. We use our strong Relationship, Change, Project and Account management skills to build rapport with Business and IT, manage global service providers, lead cross-functional teams, and help implement.
  5. Support: Often, our client’s job begins, not ends, when we implement the solution. So does ours. We support our clients post implementation. We measure their success using a balanced scorecard framework and industry specific SMART metrics. We invest in our clients’ long-term success. We help them adapt, learn and continuously optimize their business.

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