1) VITAL Business Capabilities framework


We believe each business must master the following five VITAL business capabilities:

  • VISION: The ability to sense the future, coupled with a real-time visibility into your industry, your value chains and the bowels of your own enterprise
  • INTELLECT: The ability to translate VISION into an actionable PLAN
  • TRANSACT: The systems and processes needed to execute PLAN in most cost-efficiently & productively
  • ADAPT: The ability to dynamically adjust PLAN and respond to unplanned threats as well as opportunities
  • LEARN: The ability to sense and learn from subtle patterns in the dynamic changes happening in the industry and the marketplace, and incorporate these learning’s back into the VISION.

Our opportunity assessment looks at how your organization fares on each of the above capabilities, and how they can be improved.

2) Business Optimization Framework


Using this framework, we optimize client’s business model and value chains on Sourcing, Technology and Shoring dimensions simultaneously. We believe these three dimensions must be viewed holistically. For example, a business function or process could be outsourced and / or automated, and a business could choose to go offshore with or without outsourcing.


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