We may leverage a select few handpicked partners to provide our clients with a cost-effective, best-of-breed full-solution.


We select partners carefully, based on their unique core competency and a proven track record.  We work with reliable companies as well as talented individuals who are strategically located onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

As needed, we integrate any client-specified provider in our solution team.  When our clients ask us to provide the whole solution, we assemble our own on-demand dream-team.  Either way, we stay with you strategy through execution and get the job done.

Not permanently employing an army of resources with one specific technology or domain expertise allows us to stay lean and nimble.  With no empires to feed,we can afford to stay objective and do what is best for you.  We can match the breadth and reach of a global, large consulting firm at the prices of a boutique.


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