Our conduct is shaped and driven by the ten values we hold deeply:


  1. We will strive to earn and retain our clients’ utmost trust, respect, and confidence.
  2. We will put our objectivity and integrity above our short term revenues or profits.
  3. We will honestly but tactfully tell you like it is, even if you may not want to hear it.
  4. We will assume responsibility, accept accountability and keep our commitments.
  5. We will nurture long term client and partner relationships, and share risks and rewards with all fairly.
  6. We will put skin in the game, and work with you strategy through execution to get the job done.
  7. We will expect and deliver results and excellence.  We measure excellence by the quality of our service and impact of the results we deliver, not by headcount of our company or the size of our paycheck.
  8. We are in business to make money.  However, we seek to simultaneously realize both profits and a higher purpose beyond just the profits.  We will choose clients and partners who share this value.
  9. We take a holistic view, and continuously invest in the future.  We take into account the potential long-term consequences of current actions.  Self-development and learning are our lifelong journey.
  10. We are passionate about positive psychology. We hope to master and teach people around us the art and science of happiness, productivity, creativity, and innovation to realize sustainable growth.

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