Client Success Story 1

Industry: High Tech, New-Media.

Service(s): Management Consulting, Technology Integration

  • Clients: (1) A Fortune Global 100 telecom carrier (New-Media); and
 (2) A Fortune 200 Electronics OEM (High-Tech)
  • Challenge: Develop a viable business model to deliver multi-channel rich media content services in a market saturated by established players. Secure funding to develop enabling interoperable DRM technology. Deploy a working PoC.
  • Solution: Developed DReaM, a disruptive biz-model & technology architecture, using clients’ wireless technology as strategic control point. Elegantly married content mobility with security. Project managed global software team to develop a PoC.
  • Benefits: A win-win for content provider, operator and consumer. Content providers benefit from secure content delivery, flexible licensing models, over-the-top revenues. Operators leverage existing infrastructure to create new revenue streams without a vendor lock. Consumers access content anywhere, anytime, on any device using their mobile as a remote control.
  • Results: Project DReaM received worldwide accolades and media coverage. Established clients as thought leaders in interoperable DRM and wireless. Clients opened new markets, created $60 million new pipeline, and won new customers.


 Client Success Story 2

Industry: High-Tech,

Service(s): Mgmt. Consulting, Operations Improvement, Tech. Integration

  • Client: A publicly-traded, mid-size, global (USA, Europe / Middle East, and China) fabless semiconductor company. (High-Tech)
  • Challenge: Volatile and uncertain demand, manual and inefficient planning processes, and ad-hoc decision-making cause poor forecast, high inventory cost, low fill rates, missed financial projections, and lower company stock price / market value.
  • Solution: Conducted a rapid opportunity and readiness assessment. Reengineered end-to-end forecasting, supply chain and order fulfillment processes. Developed architectural roadmaps. Presented a business case for demand-driven planning to the CFO & CEO. Facilitated executives of all departments and BU’s to synthesize consensus business and IT requirements. Evaluated and selected Oracle Demantra and IBM Cognos. Architected an integrated S&OP solution.
  • Benefits: Enabled a consensus, living, collaborative forecast. Enabled fact-based and proactive decision making. Used advanced statistical tools & industry best practices.
  • Results: Improved the efficiency (resources + time consumed) and the accuracy of the demand forecast process. Increased order fill rates. Created market value.


Client Success Story 3

Industry: Professional Services, High-Tech (Software),

Services: Business Incubation

  • Client: A first-time entrepreneur with an idea but no prior business or technology experience. (Services)
  • Challenge: Turn this entrepreneur’s basic idea (a sales tool for small and mid-size professional services firms) into a Software as a Service (SasS) based multinational business within a shoestring budget and a tight schedule.
  • Solution: Market-tested and backed the entrepreneur’s idea by co-investing in the venture. Validated and refined the idea. Defined a viable business model and Go-2-market strategy. Chose optimal pricing and revenue model. Chose technology. Defined and got the software product developed offshore. Created unique, seminar-driven sales strategy.
  • Benefits: Provided client with a full, end-to-end solution. Our deferred comp and offshore model avoided need for a VC, protecting the founder against equity dilution. Innovative G2M strategy, pricing, and SaaS model enabled market adoption.
  • Results: Incubated the startup in record time (concept to revenue in nine months) on a shoestring, bootstrapped budget. Launched business in USA and in Australia.


Client Success Story 4

Industry: Healthcare;

Service(s): Management Consulting, Technology Integration

  • Clients: A fortune 50 healthcare company and their Surgeon (ambulatory practitioner) customers.
  • Challenge: A struggling software initiative to launch cloud-based EMR / EHR / Practice Management suite. Dissatisfied customers with unmet practice management needs. Adverse impact on product sales. Under-utilized practice optimization consulting.
  • Solution: Established and led a Program Mgmt. Office to streamline development efforts. Conducted a nationwide customer appreciation + product roadshow tour to sooth customer nerves. Killed software launch due to customer experience and technical deficiencies. Re-engineered information architecture, interaction design, and usability to enhance user experience. Helped define a new digital strategy. Suggested mobile and social media apps. Prescribed a partner driven software strategy. Conducted partner due diligence and divestiture scenarios.
  • Benefits: Aligned core competencies of client as well as software partner(s) to deliver better results for the end customers at lower costs. New digital and social media strategy helped increase customer loyalty and product revenues.
  • Results: Cost-savings and revenue increase worth millions of $$.




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